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Atelier S37 — construction design office (architecture and engineering) is a team formed by architect Smaranda Dobre and engineer Cristian Militaru, who offers empathy by understanding the needs of customers and authorities through technical expertise and design innovation. It is based in Romania, Iasi city.
Atelier S37 address to clients through a professional and personalised approach.
Quality is the most important thing for them and that's why they  look for serious projects for serious people.
They offer residential, industrial, public space and interior design services.

- Accreditation of passive houses;
- Have projects all over the country;
- Offer B2C, B2B and B2G services;
- Offer residential, industrial, public spaces and interior design services.

- Integrated Design  (Architecture, Structure, Installations);
- Technical Assistance and Site Monitoring;
- Energy Compliance;
- As built buildings and documentation survey;
- Technical Expertise in construction;
- Interior Fitting;
- Connected Services. Documents;
- Planning Documents (P.U.Z., P.U.D.).

When we created these concept, we were inspired by the Scandinavian style and from its minimalism, the ability to create a balance between architecture, nature and people. 
The Scandinavian style began to take shape in the 18th century in the Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Using white as a base color, simple geometry and strict lines allow you to rationally combine the elements.
We made the logo simple and concise, reminiscent of architecture.

Tagline: Engineering, Architecture, Urbanism.

In branding, we use the basic colours black and white and complement them with shades of natural colours: green, grey and blue. We also drew an illustration that tells us about what the company does.
We have shown the use of logos and illustrations on different media.

Slogan: Freedom in space. Libertate în spațiu.

YEAR: 2024
CLIENT: Atelier S37 SRL
LOCATION: Romania, Iasi

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