Brand Identity

Our proposal for the Mamaia Seaside Resort logo competition 2024.
Mamaia is a seaside resort with magnificent beaches, restaurants, and 5-star hotels.
This is the most premium resort in Romania. When creating this concept, we were inspired by the history of Mamaia and its royal past.
Since time immemorial, every royal family has had a coat of arms, as well as every Romanian region. 
We decided to develop a coat of arms for the Mamaia resort and revive its history. 
We took the central part of the coat of arms from the royal family as a basis and to add imperial significance to this coat of arms, we need a royal horse, we decided to put in our coat of arms a Mediterranean mythological creature called Hippocampus with a crown on his head. This was the name given to silver-blue seahorses with fish-like tails and webbed feet instead of hooves.
The hippocampi were harnessed to the chariot of the Greek god of the seas Poseidon and it is considered the king of all fishes. 
Next, we added a few seagulls soaring in the sky, the warm sea and the hot sun and completing the composition of our coat of arms it is the letter “M” representing the crown. We also added the font part of the Mamaia logo and the tagline - Seaside Resort.
Next, we chose an ultramarine color - imperial blue for our project, which will support the royal history and add a modern vibe. In general, the logo is minimalistic, modern and concise.
In the project we showed the use of the logo and slogan on different media.

Slogan: Your Royal Vacation.

YEAR: 2024
CLIENT: Mamaia Seaside Resort
LOCATION: Romania, Mamaia Constanta

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