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We bring to your attention the project with which we participated in the competition Logo and corporate identity for the National Museum of Brukenthal, which was held in Romania in the city of Sibiu. We did not win the competition, but the project is interesting and deserves your attention. Thanks to all those who supported us. We appreciate it! 
Thank you!

The Brukenthal Museum combines the past and the present.
For creating logo and identity we were Inspired by the paintings of Malevich, Picasso and Chagall. In main simbol of logo we decided to use minimalism and abstract shapes.
Usually target audience of Brukenthal Museum is not only visitors from Romania, but guests from another countries.That’s why we decided to create the main simbol of logo so it will be written in two languages in the same time and was understanding (Romanian and English).
For the main sign of the logo, we used the Romanian abbreviation MNB and the English abbreviation BNM, was put in the silhouette of the letter B - which denotes the name of the museum so that its sign is read from left to right and from right to left regardless of the language in which the name is written.
The logo is modern, concise and dynamic at the same time.
We also selected a color palette for each unit of museums, galleries, etc. In project we also showed how to use the logo and the identity on advertising and souvenirs products.
Like souvenir products we offer to create handmade mugs from clay with logo of museum, fabric coloured bags, pin buttons.

We also were thinking about museums stores. For creating of image ad for museum we offered to use of quotes by great artists:

"I close my eyes to see." (Paul Gauguin)
"Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul." (Pablo Picasso)
"If an artist has an external and internal vision of nature, nature rewards him by giving him inspiration." (Vasily Kandinsky)

"Where the spirit does not work with its hands, 
there is no art." 
(Leonardo da Vinci)

YEAR: 2023
CLIENT: Brukenthal Național Museum
LOCATION: Romania, Sibiu

The Best Brand Awards 9th 2023 (AWARD OF EXCELLENCE)

 Wolda 14th (Worldwide Logo Design Award) 2023 (SILVER AWARD)

WBDS (Creative Design Awards) 2023/24 (COMMENDED AWARD) 

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