Brand Identity

Our new project for confectionery “Arkadia"
It is a local brand. Confectionery chain with Greek soul.
Arkadia has high-quality, handmade sweets with very good ingredients, with European and Greek recipes, taste that creates happiness and an overall very pleasant experience. All this will be offered at affordable prices for high quality. Arkadia confectionery in the cities where it operates is in the top 3 in consumer preferences and intends to be number 1.

Target audience: 18 to 40 year olds.

When we created this concept, we were inspired by the Greek region of Arkadia.
Arkadia is the symbol of the land of happiness, a paradise land. For this concept, we used Latin letters for a simple visual perception, but at the same time we replaced the letter "A" from Latin with the letter Alpha from the Greek alphabet and so we created a logo with a Greek component.
The color palette in this concept consists of white and middle blue.
We also created a model where the Greek characters and our Alpha letter, which is the first, can be seen the letter "A" of the Greek alphabet, and in psychology alpha means top leadership and that is why it is the main letter of our branding.

Slogan: The taste of happiness.

YEAR: 2023
CLIENT: Migdalo Cake SRL
LOCATION: Romania, Ramnicu Valcea, Slatina, Craiova

Wolda 14th (Worldwide Logo Design Award) 2023 (AWARD OF EXCELLENCE)

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