Brand Identity

Idea of this project
“Pikirler Kitaby” is an electronic feedback system that allows to identify the imperfections that surround us.
We live in an age where it is easier for us to follow the crowd than to try to form our own opinion and have the courage to say it. If something is popular or generally accepted, it becomes doubly scary and uncomfortable to go against this phenomenon. But how often have we seen in history that acceptance and popularity are not the best allies?
This has happened and is happening all the time. We don’t want to appear stupid or vulnerable to criticism public or even from loved ones. We are afraid to say something that may shock many, although we ourselves we are well aware that the idea is correct.
The truth of life is that the brave ones rule the world!
With the help of an electronic feedback system, people will be able to leave their feedback, express their opinion about problems in public places and by doing so we will all together make this world a little better.

Key consumer desires: Do not be afraid to express your opinion and be useful to the society in which we live, to make the world a better place.

The main sign of the logo displays an open book, since the translation of the name from the Kazakh language is a book of reviews, symbolises openness, unification and also resembles quotation marks of direct speech. Blue color calls atmosphere of trust and security. This is stability and reliability. It frees from fears and anxieties, clean thinking, makes it possible to listen to the inner voice and make an intuitively correct decision. Blue color in psychology symbolises light, airiness, intelligence, tenderness, constancy, purity. Helps in psychology to eliminate negative mental states: fear of speaking, shyness.

To push a person to action, we came up with motivating slogans that tell us that everything depends only from you and each of us.
Everything is simple! Do, influence, create!

Your opinion is important! Leave your review.
Create the future! Leave your review.
Make your choice! Leave your review.

YEAR: 2022
CLIENT: Lumen Media
LOCATION: Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata​​​​​​​

The Best Brand Awards 8th 2022 (RUNNER UP)

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