Brand Identity

“Larin" is an ambitious, dynamic company that offers professional services for launching business projects in Romania. Larin's office is located in Bucharest, Romania. 
“Larin" has experience and competence in business support since 2016 and it is an expert in legislation and accounting support of various business projects in Romania.
“Larin" is the office that connects you to whole Europe.
“Larin" is a team of lawyers, marketing experts, professional accountants and specialists in international trade with business support in Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, English and Chinese. 
“Larin" understands very well the challenges of their clients and knows how to help them and they are convinced that small and medium-sized foreign businesses can be successful in Europe, so they offer special solutions for this category of clients.

Company Mission
The company's mission is to provide to our clients with maximum care, comfort, satisfaction and happiness when carrying out their activities in Romania and also an algorithm for working with clients in company registration and legal document and contractor support.

Goals of company
- To be a standard of expertise in the services that we provide.
- To become a stable reliable partner for you in all aspects related to the construction and assistance given to the company in Romania and in other EU countries.
- Find solutions to a wide variety of issues with an individual approach to each client.

- Company registration in Romania (Full Service);
- Obtaining operating licenses;
- Transactions on purchase and sale of ready-made businesses;
- Selection of partners including due diligence in Romania;
- Accounting services in Romania;
- Legal support in Romania;
- Bank accounts registration in Romanian banks;
- Agencies services in Romania;
- Transactions with commercial properties in Romania.

For this project we created
We created the logo, layouts for business cards, blanks A4, roll up, envelopes, web site, social media elements and icons.
We took the repeating letter L as the basis for the main element of the Larin logo.
The main element of the logo represents the beginning, discovery, aspiration and it shows growth and.
The logo is elegant and clean with a masculine character and also we put in the logo the description: "consulting and business solutions".
The corporate colours for the logo are blue and gold.Dark blue is the color of trust, confidence and reliability and the gold color - (the color of the sun), symbolises warmth, sunlight, radiance, wealth, beauty, glory, victory, wisdom, and experience.

Slogan: We help business grow.

YEAR: 2023
CLIENT: Larin Trade Consulting SRL
LOCATION: Romania, Bucharest

The Best Brand Awards 9th 2023 (RUNNER UP) 

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